Retro Furniture

Turn back the time with retro furniture that will remind you of decades past. Retro furniture doesn’t have to mean old, withered or antique, it references popular styles from back in the day turning them into modern pieces with a touch of nostalgia. Relive your choice of beloved era with retro sofas, vintage-inspired bar stools and storage solutions that will fit right in with the set of Mad Men. Add some personality to your home with our selection of quirky retro pieces!

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Dreaming of recreating a past era for your home? Retro furniture popularized between the 1950’s to the 1980’s add a touch of style and whimsy. While furniture pieces from 40 years ago may not have survived, our retro inspired furniture are built for you to enjoy your dream period only better. New pieces that are well-designed with quality materials and great craftsmanship await you.

Whether you want the full retro effect of just a few touches of it in your space, here are a few thigs to keep in mind for your modern throwback.

Pick an Era

Buying furniture for your home is usually the starting point for the look and feel you want to achieve so it’s best to choose an era and stick to it. It might be the roaring 60’s with its psychedelic prints and curved lines or the 50’s which favored sleeker lines, get inspired by your favorite period and choose which furniture suits you best.

All the Details

To truly recreate the past, attention to detail must be important. Lighting fixtures are an essential part of any interior design like big lampshades from the 1970’s or pendant lights from the 60’s. Look for replicas and similar styles for your home like sun burst mirrors, Andy Warhol inspired pop-art pieces that were popular as well as metal furnished appliances and furniture that were all the rage in the 1960’s. If you’d prefer keeping your references subtle or going all out, always look back to your era of choice for homewares and home accents that will complement your chosen furniture.

Colour and Contrast

Nothing says retro than bright colours in contrasting shades. Scream psychedelic with shapes and colours in orange, fuchsia, green and yellow combinations for wall paint, chairs and linens. Be bold with beds with upholstered headboards in lush fabrics or a retro desk combined with a fun and daring art print. You may even pop in a lava lamp for the complete effect.

Be inspired with colour, if prints and bright patterns are not on your vision, choose once colour that will complement and tie together your vision.

Be Inspired

Period movies or Mad Men always playing on your television? Remember that retro doesn’t have to mean dated. Look for inspiration in pop culture to bring Retro tables, sofas, chairs and more to suit your space and interior design.

Our website offers comprehensive choices for you, all with the best designs and quality styles. Best of all, with just a click your furniture pieces will be delivered right at your doorstep. You may also view our products in our Melbourne showroom. Drop by when you’re in the area and we’ll be glad to assist you in shopping for furniture and homewares.