Modern Furniture

When it comes to modern furniture, everything old is new again. Whether it’s simply inspired, or actually thrifted from grandma’s attic, character, charm and comfort are the name of the game. At Retrojan we’ve scoured the archives and travelled the world to curate a collection of beautiful, statement pieces. Is your taste for classic retro modern furniture? Try our Pin Ups range for beautiful sofas, a saucy chaise lounge and some of the sexiest dining chairs you’ve ever clapped eyes on. Perhaps you’re more interested in sleek Scandinavian lines? Our Danish Royals collection of curvaceous credenzas, character-filled desks and beautiful side tables will delight. If you’re a bookworm or collector of objects, the bookshelves in this collection will clean knock your socks off. For those with more industrial tastes, our Woodstock industrial modern furniture range has some seriously heavy duty awesome happening. From cargo-crate desks to sleek iron and mango wood tables and superb storage solutions, there’s something here for everyone. Last but certainly not least, we’ve been careful to find beautiful retro modern furniture solutions for your smallest interior decorator… our Little Miss and Mr range offers up beautiful retro pieces for the tiny diva or divo.