Danish Furniture

Do you love Danish furniture? Then you’re in just the right place. Get inspired by Danish design furniture and its forms, curves and sleek lines. Using the best in technology and design, we’ve curated pieces with an air of elegance and simplicity. A furniture selection to get you more organized like the Vaasa Tyson Console, packages to complete your bedroom’s storage solutions or lounge and get cozy with a range of sofas like the Adley. Idyllic in any room with quality that is built to last, have your fill of Danish style furniture and browse our whole collection below.

Comfortable, modern, simple and cutting – edge, just a few words to describe Danish furniture and why it’s so popular. Originating after the war, designers like Poul Henningsen and Ray and Charles Eames created delightful, original furniture and homewares that well ahead became broadly famous during the 1950’s. Danish designers saw an opportunity to develop contemporary pieces of furniture that were both beautiful and functional while maintaining the traditional craftsmanship the Danish are known for. The coziness and simplicity of Danish furniture is mostly due to the use of natural materials like teak, oak and quality fabrics. They are not only perfect in any room, but they will also last if maintained and cared for. Danish style furniture combines exquisiteness, modernization, and function for an endlessly appealing aesthetic with these attributes: Clean Lines

Crisp, streamlined with sharp geometric shapes epitomise the style of Scandinavian furniture. Smooth edges with no fuss designs, adornments and cuts are used in furniture styles to focus on style and comfort.

Pop of Bright

Look for furniture with bursts of colours in red, yellow, blue and green to complement backdrops and interiors with black and white as a palette. Well-known examples of these are our Nahla couches, and a replica of the Eames DSR Chrome Eiffel chair.

Fittings and Fixtures

Danish furnishings usually consist of neutrals like whites, creams and blacks. If this is what you had in mind for your space, then colours will usually come from furniture pieces, accents like cushions, paintings and light fixtures.

Unique Materials

Danish design furniture often incorporates one-of-a-kind materials - Oak, Teak, and Walnut are popular choices for wood because of their warm colour and durability.

With its unique style and versatility, Danish furniture will be a staple for many homes in the years to come. Our website offers comprehensive choices for you, all with the best designs and quality styles. Best of all, with just a click your furniture pieces will be delivered right at your doorstep. You may also view our products in our Melbourne showroom. Drop by when you’re in the area and we’ll be glad to assist you in shopping for furniture and homewares.