Outdoor Chairs

The only thing that unites outdoor chairs is diversity; no two outdoor chairs are quite alike! There are so many styles to choose from – chaise lounges, upright deck chairs, oversized loveseat-style chairs, and even wire-framed barstools and seats designed for use with tall tables!

Retrojan has a tremendous variety of outdoor chairs to choose from. Relaxing? We’ve got padded, weatherproof armchairs that are as comfortable outside as they are in your living room, and a variety of chaise lounges and sunning chairs. Entertaining? Pick up a set of wire-framed sitting chairs that can be stored out-of-the-way – and brought outdoors when you need them!

With convenient shipping across all of Australia it’s easy to shop for the outdoor furniture of your dreams at our showroom – so don’t wait! Browse our products below, and start the journey to a gorgeous patio or deck today!