Vases from Retrojan are the perfect way to accent your home decor. From the kitchen to the dining room, living areas, and even the bedroom, a beautiful vase can add visual interest – and pair perfectly with your favorite flowers!

Without the right vase, even the most gorgeous flowers may look a bit dull. So don’t settle for the everyday. At Retrojan, we have a variety of modern, sleek vases – from onyx-black minimalistic vases that are perfect for roses, to quirky geometric vases that can accent larger flowers like sunflowers and tulips, our vases are built to impress.

We offer the highest-quality homewares sourced from top designers. So don’t settle for a cheap plastic or glass vase – choose a contemporary, chic vase from Retrojan, and take your home decor to the next level! Shop online now, and enjoy our affordable shipping – all throughout Australia – or visit us in-person at our Melbourne showroom to see our vases for yourself!