Date Posted:10 August 2016 

How to get the Retro Furniture look in your living room


Retro interiors have made a massive comeback in the past few years. While you may associate retro furniture with bright patterns, colourful plastic furniture and shag rugs, the retro look of today is far more sophisticated. We are seeing many interiors moving away from the conventional trends and embracing the ‘retro look’ with modern designs.

We’ll tell you how to get the retro furniture look in your living room without it being totally Austin Powers!

1. Decide on an era


First things first, you need to decide on what era you would like your living room to be styled in. Perhaps you like the bohemian look of the 70’s, maybe the mod funky style of the 60’s, or the kitschy 50’s. Decide what characteristics you like from each era, as each will have their own distinct patterns, finishes, textures and colours. Remember you don’t have to mimic the retro look exactly!

2. Create a focal point


A great way to decorate your living room in a retro style is to choose a focal piece that sets the tone. This might be a piece of art, a large rug or a piece of furniture like our Harrison Multi-coloured Sideboard. Statement pieces with a strong retro look will start tying your design together.

3. Don’t be afraid of colour

Colour and prints are strongly associated with the retro look. If you are a little afraid of painting your walls or decorating with wallpaper, add colour through the use of furniture and accessories. The Baez Industrial Stool in orange or the Reagan Designer Pendant in blue are great ways to add a pop of colour without committing to such a permanent statement such as paint.

4. Accessorise with retro appeal


Retro interiors are famous for being filled with sunburst mirrors and eclectic trinkets, along with a bit of bling. If you don’t want to take the plunge into the full retro style, try carefully adding a few functional accessories you love. Hang a retro clock on the wall, use smaller furniture pieces like our Katherine Designer Side Table in copper and carefully decorate your bookcases with a few vintage knick-knacks such as vintage tins or small sculptures. This will add a little nostalgia without overpowering the space.

5. Mix old and new

Getting the retro furniture look in your living room doesn’t mean you need to troll garage sales and junk shops to find all your pieces. What’s great about the retro interiors today is that they are a mix of modern design with aged pieces. And with new furniture inspired by the retro era like the Caleb Modern Designer TV unit you won’t feel like you are hanging out in your grandma’s living room!


Achieving the retro furniture look doesn’t mean your living room needs to end up looking like a second hand shop. Introducing retro styled pieces in with classics and a few vintage accessories can create a sophisticated contemporary interior with a sense of nostalgia.


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